Thursday, July 4, 2013

A book review by Melissini.

Title:Billie B Brown the pocket money blues.
Author:Sally Rippin.
Who were the main characters: Billie B Brown,Jack,Mum and Dad.

This book is about a girl who really wanted a cute little bunny baby toy and she begs her mum to let her buy one.   But her mum said no you need to wait until christmas. Billie really wanted one but then she had a good idea a really good idea she would save up some pocket money. The first job she did was wash the car and whenever she went to do a job she would always see her best friend Jack and he would always help her.

My favourite part of the story would be when Billie and Jack collect all the money together. They were fighting about the money about how to share the money. Billie said no it is mine because I really want a bunny baby.That night Billie felt sad she did not want to be Jacks friend anymore. The next day she was going to get her bunny baby  but she actually got something for Jack and it was a cricket set. He loves cricket.

A book review by Nistha

Title:watch me throw the ball.
Author: Mo Willems.

What was the story about?
It was about this pig who found this elephant’s ball and the pig wanted to throw the ball as far as he could.  The pig thought he could throw the ball all around the world but he couldn't.   Then the elephant tried to throw the ball all around the world.  He couldn't do it either.

Who are the characters?
Pig and Elephant.    
What is your favourite part?

When the pig says “who rocks the pig rocks!”  “THE PIG IS THROWING.... fling.... plop”.  Super pig is really neat super pig cannot be beat!

A book review by Arnah

Title: Mercy Watson goes for a ride

Author: Chris Van Dusen.

This story is about a pig who goes for a ride in a car and the pig starts to drive but a police car was chasing the pig.

The characters are Mr. Watson, Mrs.Watson, Mercy the pig, Eugenia and baby.

My favourite part was when the pig started to drive and when the pig went flying.