Tuesday, December 18, 2012

End of Foundation Year

Today marks the final day of school for 2012 and the end of our foundation year.  Our library is a friendly, fun and fabulous place - many thanks to all the students, staff, parents and volunteers who have made it a special place at Amesbury School.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Scholastic Book Fair

The library has transformed into a shop for a couple of days. The Scholastic Book Fair is on Friday 30th November and during the gala day on Saturday afternoon (2-5 pm) Come and buy some books for yourself or to give as Christmas presents. Our school benefits as the more books we sell the more free books we earn.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dream Catchers

Harakeke students have been investigating art from other cultures. One group investigated dream catchers. They asked questions, searched for answers and shared their findings with the group. A couple of findings are explained in the video clip by Samuel and Ella. If you would like to make a dream catcher see the instructions written by Karina and Samuel in the post below.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

how to make a dream catcher!


paper plate
hole punch
beads (optional)
hot glue gun


  1. Cut out the inside of the plate. 
  2. Punch holes around the outside of the plate.
  3. Thread the wool through the holes (you can add beads if you want.)
  4. Punch holes at the bottom.
  5. Thread the wool through the holes so they hang down.
  6. Use the hot glue gun to glue on your feathers.
  7. Thread a piece of wool through the top of the dream catcher so you can hang it on the wall.


Friday, October 5, 2012

QR Codes & Book Reviews

Harakeke students have been writing lots of great book reviews recently. Whenever a review is published on our blog not only do they get a world wide audience but we also put a QR code on the book in our library. Scan the QR codes to read the opinions of your own classmates as well as read the blurb on the book when you are deciding whether to read a book. You can use the iPads or the iPods - the QR code reader app is called BeeTag.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stories for 8 Year Olds book review

Title: Stories for 8 year olds
Author: unknown
Reviewer’s name: Emma D

I think you should read story’s for 8 year olds because it has got some really funny stories that people that like mystery books will like this book.

I like this book because it’s really exciting and most of the stories in this book have really exciting ends one of the books in this book called the Twin Witches and it’s about two good witches one called Tracy and the other one called Stacy and if you don’t like rhyming story’s don’t worry because it isn’t.

There is a story called Stan’s Sundae Secret and the book is a mystery book. There was a little boy named _______ (I can’t tell you or it would ruin the story).  He knows when it’s Thursday because Stan the ice cream man comes up the road playing a song that was very catchy and that all of that because I don’t want to tell you because I would spoil the story.

The Magic Finger book review

Title: Magic finger
Author: Roald Dhal
Reviewed by: Anish

ummary: The girl, who is the character who tells the story, was a friend of the Greg family, but then she saw the Greg family shot a deer. She was angry because they shot the dear so she put the magic finger on them and... .  I’m not giving away the ending because otherwise it would ruin the story.

I like the way they wrote and illustrated the book.  It was a very good magic, for example the teacher turned into cat by her magic finger.

I will say 4/5 for this book.

The Magic Faraway Tree book review

The Magic Faraway Tree
By Enid Blyton
Reviewed by Hannah C
This is a book about 3 children
Joe,Beth and Frannie and their cousin Rick.

Mostly what happens in the book is there is a big tall tree. It is not just an ordinary tree it is a magic tree because at the top there is always a land, EG: The land of dreams,Topsy-Turvy Do-As-You-Please and lots more.
At the top of the land some thing always happens. Like once a character called Saucepan man who lives in the tree went up into the land of magic medicines.When he was up in the land he went to a shop he thought it was potion for noses to grow because he is half deaf so he thought the goblin said it was for roses to grow.

I would definitely recommend this book because it has lots of different adventures and is a fun book.

I give this book a 4/5 because I really enjoyed it.

Owly Flying Lessons book review

Title: Owly Flying Lessons
Author: Andy Runton

This is a book about a owl called Owly and his friend worm called Wormy.
Owly can’t fly and he wants lessons. One night Owly was sleeping outside and he brang some nuts and a squirrel came along and saw the nuts but it wasn’t the nuts he was after. The squirrel was after Wormy and he took Wormy into a bunch of leaf’s for a bed.

Owly met a butterfly and asked it to find his best friend Wormy and explained every single detail about him. The butterfly asked every bug but everyone said they could not find him.  How will Owly find his friend?

Owly is a great book with no words. Owly is advencheriset with his best friend Wormy.
I rate it 4/5

reviewed by Caitlyn W

The Enchanted Wood book review

Title: The Enchanted Wood
Author : Enid Blyton .

The Enchanted Wood is a nice book about three children. They are all siblings the oldest is Joe then Beth and Frannie .

Joe, Beth and Frannie all moved out of their house in the city to a nice quaint place in the country, a wee way from the train station.

One day Joe, Beth and Frannie went to the ENCHANTED WOOD.
That very day in the woods they were eating their lunch then they heard tiny  little  voices behind a tree and when they peeked around the corner there were tiny little elfs. They also saw this little man that whose reaching for the bag next to an elf and as he was reaching Joe yelled “ STOP THIEF “ and the elfs ran for the man and tackled the little man and picked up the bag that was on the ground.

Two weeks after they saw the elfs they went back to the woods and went up the faraway tree and went to the top with their new friend Moon-Face, Sauce Man and Silky where they were waiting For Joe, Beth and Frannie for Beth’s birthday .

I love this book because it is fun and Adventurous.   

I Rate this book 5/5.

By Jasmine

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet the Aliensons book review

MEET The Aliensons
By Knife and Parker

I love this book I highly recommend it. This book is about a family but no not a normal family they're aliens. This book is full of laughter and happiness. The Aliensons are gross , funny and a joy to read about. Normally I don’t really like reading but this book I couldn’t get my eyes out of. This book is about a family that come from valax-7. They have a one eyed zog. A member of the family is an amazing singer (not in this galaxy!) Arlene Alienson. Arlene has an annoying brother Andy. They have a  Butloid 8000 the weirdest robot in the history of weird robots. And the two parents Mrs Alienson  and Mr Aliensonare crazy. . 

I rate this book 5/5 because its a great book with funny illustrations and much more.

Reviewed by Ruby

Stormbreaker book review

by  Anthony Horowitz 
book review by Leni

Alex Rider is on a mission to stop a virus called Stormbreaker into all the schools in Great Britain. Alex rider enters Sayles house as a guest called Kevin Ja but the guards are looking for someone called Alex Rider. They ask his housekeeper she showed a picture of him and and the picture matches the person in Sayles house. Will Alex save all the people or will he fail?

I like this book because it has lots of fighting, action and killing in it. It’s very exciting.

I rate this book 5/5.

The Aliensons book review

The Aliensons

Your favourite Freak Street family is back, The Aliensons.

Now it all began when the Aliensons wanted a holiday and thats when I wanted to read more because what would aliens want to do on a holiday? Back to the review, they planned their holiday to go to Valvaxian farm where there are weird names for farm animals like, zowsf or cows and zemus for emus. It just keeps getting weirder I can't keep up with it.
You wait till you read this book because its a unexpected ending when you find out.

I rate the book a 4 out of 5.

By Grace

Robin Hood book review

Author: Rob Lloyd Jones and Alan Marks

Reviewed by Esra

This book is about a man who steals from the rich and gives to the  poor and he also fights guards when people are in trouble.
I like this book because it’s mysterious because Robin Hood looks like he can teleport. He was in a big, tall tower and when the guards were talking to each other he suddenly came down to the ground.

I like this book because this is an adventure book and it’s awesome.  I  would recommend this book if you like adventure stories.
Would you give it 1/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5?  I would give this book  3 / 5.

Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief book review

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan

Reviewed by Germain

Percy Jackson is a normal kid or is he? Monsters and gods are trying to hunt him because everyone thinks he stole the lightning bolt. Can Percy find the bolt
before the war of the Gods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This book for me is 4/5. I find this book really exciting and epic. I love this book.
If you have read the first book then you will like the second book too.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Bad Beginning book review

The author of the Bad Beginning is Lemony Snicket he is a quirky kind of author and he throws in lots of unusual words.

The Bad Beginning is a an awkward kind of book because its got heaps of small unusual twists just chucked in everywhere that you don't expect. There are three main characters Violet, Klaus and Sunny . The story is about going to a foster home after their parents die in a fire. It should just be going to a foster home but there is more to it.. not sleeping in a bed, having a massive list of chores and almost dieing of starvation .

I enjoyed this book because it was a bit different to what other books are like but I won't give any spoilers you can read it yourself.

I give this book a four out of five because it could have been a bit better.

Thanks for reading.

Your writer of this book review, Emma L.

Girl vs Superstar book review

Girl vs Superstar
Author: Robin Palmer
Reviewer: Anaiya
Genre: Realistic fiction and Humour.

Girl vs superstar is a book about a 12 year old girl named Lucy. B. Parker who has some problems with her friends because her best friends Rachel and Missy have just dumped her and she is having a really hard time when Rachel is having a sleepover for her birthday and when Lucy is the only one not invited out of the whole class, and to make matters worse her crazy sort-of friend Marisa is invited.
Then after a few nights her Mum married Alan Moses and that was big because his daughter is the most famous girl in the world (Laura Moses)and is going to become Lucy’s stepsister. Will Lucy be tortured with terror or will she be loved like she normally is ?

I liked this book because it was funny but in some bits it was sad. I would definitely recommend  this book for people who like to have a laugh but also like to be sometimes serious. For an age group I would recommend this book for people in between the ages of 9 and 13.

I would give this book a rating of 4/5  

Glister and the Faerie Host book review

Book review

Title: Glister And The Faerie Host
Author:Andi Watson

Glister is a nice kind girl. But the one thing she wants is her mum.
Her mum was still here when just a little babby. Then one day for some strange reason her mum is talking to her on her mirror, but her mum goes back into her grave.She digs it up and finds only this doll, that guides her to her mum. Will she ever see her mum again?

I gave this book a 4 / 5 because it’s a very funny and adventurous book.
So I recommend that you read this book.


The Mystery of the Hidden Gold book review

The Mystery Of The HIDDEN GOLD
By Helen Moss

A game of hide and seek in The Lighthouse, during a dramatic thunderstorm, leads to an amazing discovery- a tattered old treasure map! Scott, Jack and Emily can’t wait to search for the hidden gold, but first they must solve the clues to uncover its secret hiding place! They better watch out though- somebody else has got their eye on the treasure!

This book is awesome - never ending suspense! It’s amazing because things seem to be getting boring but  then suddenly something major jumps out of the blue!

I would totally recommend this to anyone...I rate it 4/5.

Review By:Caitlin C. 


Humansons on Holiday book review

Freak Street Humanson’s on holiday book review
By: Knife and Packer
Reviewer name: Kali.

This book is good because the Humansons even though they’re human’s they’re stupid.
And if they're going somewhere they always get lost and it takes hours to get somewhere.
Plus there is always a bad guy at the end which is really exciting.

My Opinion:I like this book because there’s lot’s of different colours, description and they're stupid. And most of all probably because there’s always a bad guy in the end and the freak street’s always defeat them.

My rating out of 5:is 5 because the book is funny.

Camp Chaos book review

Title Camp Chaos.
Author Meredith Badger

Book review by Tais

Sophie is going to camp and shes got a new bestie.
And her old bestie is going to be in camp.
And with camp coming will this turn into a fight? And who will she choose?

I think you all will enjoy this book because is has some mystery and excitement in it. because I really enjoy this book to.

My rating out of five would be 4\5

Friday, September 21, 2012

Holes book review

By Louis Sachar

The book Holes is cool because it has a camp with kids in it.
The story based in the desert. It is also cool because kids face death hunger and they need shelter. And much much more.
I give this book a rating of 5/5. The book was great you should really read this book.

Review written by Matthew

The Thirteen Story Tree House book review

The 13 Story Tree House
Written by Andy Griffiths
Reviewed by: Rosa

This book is about 2 young boys named Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. Yes they are authors and illustrators of the series but in this book they are the 2 main characters along with other characters that are hard to describe.

So you will think this is a story about a 13 story tree house but you will be amazed about how cool this tree house really is!! It is amazing. They have a bowling alley and a marshmallow machine that squirts out marshmallows. When you are hungry that means that when you are hungry in bed you can get some when you want.

I love this book because it has a great author who is one of the characters in the book and he is a great actor and he has a wicked tree house.     

I recommend this book to people that like tree houses and have read Andy Griffiths before.
I would rate this book 5 /5.  


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baa Baa Smart Sheep book review

TITLE:  Baa Baa Smart Sheep  

AUTHOR: Mark Sommerset  

Reviewed by James

This book is really funny and I think all agers will like this book.

I would give this book a 4/5 star rating.
In the book Baa Baa tries to trick Quirky Turkey into eat poo but little Baa Baa said that that it  was smarty tablets.
What will happen? Will Quirky Turkey eat the poo? Find out by reading the book.

The Witches book review

Title: The Witches
Author:Roald Dahl

My book review is about the book “The Witches”. So the book is about a boy and his grandma who are living in a hotel full of witches who disguise themselves as lovely and sweet ladies. The boy and his grandma are coming up with a plan to turn the witches into mice! In the book there is a witch of all witches and she is called the grand high witch. She has a mask on her face which  disguises her face as a lovely lady but when she meets the witches and she takes her mask off then her face is disgusting!

I think that this book is awesome because it is a mystery and it really encourages me to read on because it always ends when it comes to a mystery and then I wanna read on. So I would highly recommend this book for people who like mystery books.

I would give this book a 5 / 5 rating because I really like this book.

Ook and Gluk Book Review

                                                CAVEMEN FROM THE FUTURE  
                                                                  BY DAVE PILKEY

This book is a humorous book a book that makes you laugh with joy. Its a very very funny book that is based on two boys which turn into cavemen who are kung fu cavemen.They are the most coolest kids in the street to the villagers. They invent tons of things but there is one person who doesn't like them  and that is chief Goppernopper. I would recommend this book 5 out of 5 because of it humorous  jokes and it even teaches you to speak cavemonic.

Reviewed by Tom

Friday, September 7, 2012

Book Character Dress Up Day

Books came alive at Amesbury School today as lots of characters appeared in a wonderful array of costumes. There were some very creative outfits. Well done everyone.

Book Character Day on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Competition Day

Today the librarians organised a variety of fun activities in the library.  There was a Gruffalo colouring competition, an Aliens Love Underpants design competition, make Gruffalo finger puppets and make a bookmark. Aliens Love Underpants is a very popular book in our library and you can see some colourful new underpants for aliens being designed in the photo below.

More Fiction Fun Week

There was organised chaos in the library yesterday as dozens of children arrived to do a treasure hunt. Amber wrote some great clues and everyone who finished the hunt got some treasure from Kiera and Madi - a bookworm! Fortunately the bookworm was the sweet, edible kind of worm not a real one.

Hannah, Ella, Carolyn and Bianca work out a treasure hunt clue. 

Camp Chaos book review by Tais

Title Camp Chaos.
Author Meredith Badger

Book review by Tais

Sophie is going to camp and shes got a new bestie.
And her old bestie is going to be in camp.
And with camp coming will this turn into a fight? And who will she choose?

I think you all will enjoy this book because is has some mystery and excitement in it, because I really enjoy this book to.

My rating out of five would be 4\5

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lucky Dip Library Book

Fiction Fun Week started today with lucky dip library books. It was a great way to get children to try a book they might not normally read. There was certainly no choosing a book by its cover today as the lucky dip books were wrapped up in newspaper.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Big Wave by Emma D

I heard a crackling noise coming over me. I looked behind me and it was an enormous wave .Three seconds later I was really far down in the sea that it was pitch black. I felt the seaweed and the coral brushing against my body. I was almost out of breath. I had to push against the current to get to the top of the water. I was miles away from the shore. How will I get back. It must at least take two or three days to get back.Then my cousins saw because I had my pink togs on (thank you togs). One of the older boys carried me back to the shore. My mum was very worried because she could not see me anywhere.Then I went up to her and she hugged me till I said “never stop”.

Sadness by Karina

Why was Mum crying?  I asked her what was the matter.
"Grandpa's got cancer," she sobbed putting down the phone.
I was shocked.  I knew they had no cure.
"What's going to happen?" I asked, even though I already knew the answer.
"He's going to die," she said through sobs.
I tried to contain my tears.
"Please don't cry, please don't cry, please don't cry," I whispered over and over to myself.
But I couldn't hold it in any longer. So I hugged Mum and started crying my heart out with her.  I felt like I was going to hold on forever and not let go.  I hugged her tighter and I felt safer so I kept grasp of her while I could.  We looked at each other as if to say everything's going to be okay.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost book review

Title: The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost (Adventure Island series)
Author:  Helen Moss
Reviewer: Anna 

The main person is Emily Wild.  Emily is clever and is always imagining there is a mystery to solve.  She and her two friends, Scott and Jack, (who are brothers) and Drift, Emily's companion dog, like to solve mysteries together.  Emily lives in a lighthouse.  Jack and Scott are staying at Stone Cottage with their Aunt Kate while their Dad is away. In this mystery they meet the famous actor Savannah S. Emily tells her about the midnight ghost and Savannah goes missing!  Emily, Scott and Jack try to solve it - Operation Lost Star! 

I enjoyed trying to solve the mystery as I read the book.  The mystery was very interesting.  
Note: Make a list of suspects and clues as you read. 

Rating:  5/5

Fight Brewing by Amber

Some kid was swinging his leg back and forward behind one of my friends. What’s he doing? Suddenly it popped into my mind. He’s going to kick her. When he was still doing it, two of my friends and I shouted “Ishani! Look behind you!”
“What?” she replied. I can’t believe it. She didn’t even notice him.

Then she finally turned around and saw it. So, just in the nick of time, she jumped away. I smell a fight coming, and that’s really bad. Luckily the teacher came just in time and stop what was going to happen. Maybe some other time I’ll have that fight.

Lost by Kali

Wheres my mum I can’t see her. Where are you I panicked. I yelled again MUMMY. I still couldn't see  her anywhere , I started to sulk, it felt like she had passed away.
I screamed hollering MUMMY,  I slowly sat down bursting with tears saying, wheres my mummy. I miss you already.

I heard foot steps. Suddenly someone appeared in front of me. I looked up it was my mum. I thought you were dead., I rushed up to her. I thought I lost you, I hugged her tight. I love you mummy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book review by Emily

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
Reviewed by Emily

This book is about a boy who has a poor family.Charlie Bucket he loves chocolate but he only gets one chocolate bar a year for his birthday present.Every day he would walk to school he would go early and as he would go past Willy Wonka’s factory he would start to go slower and slower he would take slow deep breaths of chocolate and gloop them down. Mr Bucket came in with the newspaper he read it out - I Willy Wonka have put a golden ticket in 5 chocolate bars to 5 just 5 lucky children will get to come in to my factory. Will Charlie Bucket get a golden ticket?

I think this book is really cool because you can nearly taste the chocolate in your mouth. I think lots of people would like this even adults will like it.
You can guess what happens next.
5 out of 5

Saturday, July 28, 2012

'The Crash' by Anaiya

I was riding my cousins  bike so fast that I could hardly see anything that was going past.
When I turned on the corner I could see a lady and man right in front of me. From the  moment I saw them I knew I was going to crash and in about 5 seconds started to shout “look out, look out!’ Unfortunately a truck was going past at that very moment so they could not hear anything I had said. I realised I could still turn into a corner but I was going to fast to even turn or brake. I crashed into her at that moment. My brakes and my front wheel went straight into her backside. I flew into the air and landed on the concrete and grazed my leg quite badly. She shouted in soooo much pain and started to yell at  me and said stuff like “ look out where you're going, Keep your eyes on the road!”
She limped over to a random doorstep and I thought she had sprained her ankle by the way she kept rubbing it and she could not walk properly either.
I felt guilty because I hit her but I also felt annoyed that I tried to avoid it but I still hit her.

'My Writing Score' by Caitlin C

The principal said in his big, booming voice, “Caitlin!”. I feel my skin dripping with sweat, my knees wobbling uncontrollably as I slowly stand up. I gulp and lumber towards the stage. The hall is utterly silent, apart from a few whispery murmurs.  My stomach feels as if it will float away in happiness. I force my head to glance back at the school. I can’t help the rush of satisfaction flow through my body as I reach the stage.

“Congratulations!” says the principal, as he shakes my hand warmly. He hands over my certificate. This is it. I’m not going to let the dim light and musty smell of the hall ruin this. I’m about to snatch it but slow my hand down just in time. The blue paper on the front of the certificate feels stiff and textured. I finally have it.

I grin and turn around. Silence. One or two claps. A roar of applause!!

'My Scooter Injury' by Sharvi

I went down a big rocky hill and with lots of speed and suddenly BUMP! my scooter had gone over a big rocky bump and I tumbled of my scooter to the right, hurt my arm really bad. My arm bent and I felt lots of pain. I also scraped my knees and out came heaps of blood and it was a huge scrape!

Then I started crying and crying. My neibours  were with me wondering what to do and my sister was with me to and she  got so worried she went to go get my dad. When my dad came he said “What happened?” and so we all told my dad what happened. While we were all telling my dad what happened, I was saying in my head “What if I had broke or sprained my arm?” Then I got a bit scared. I was still crying and I cried non stop. I was in so much pain.

My dad was helping me up and so were my neibours and my sister. we went inside my house but as soon as we got to the doorstep, I had to sit down on the doorstep to rest because I was in so much pain.As soon as I got inside, my grandma and mum asked “What happened?” and since I was in so much pain, my neibours and my sister and dad told them what happened.

As soon as they heard what had happened, then we went into the living room and we put special cream on my knee and put something called balm on my arm. The next morning I was still in pain so we put balm on my arm and put a bandage around my arm.  It took days for me to recover but in a few weeks I was ship and shape.

I wish I never did that but I know I won’t do it again.
I still have a little bit of pain in my veins. P.S Don’t do this it’s worse than you think!

'Scooter' by Megan

I suddenly realised that my scooter was tipping forwards.
I thought to myself that I don’t have ANY  control over the scooter.
The wind was blowing through my hair I got a shiver then I was about to fall, but I was going to fast to stop,

BAM the next thing I knew was that I  was on the ground and crying.
My hands were facing the underway up and the top was facing the bottom. My arms and body was too weak to get my arms up I was having different emotions but the word I could choose would be AGONY.

My dad just picked me up and dusted me off and put me in his car (we were going to get our citizenship when I was hurt my mum told him that we weren't allowed to be late)

We were going to my mums work and my mum  saw my hands and she saw 1 brooze she put a bandage on my hand and I said “But, this one hurts to” she saw another brooze and she said “ we ARE  going to the hospital but we are first going to the citizenship”

We went there and then we sat for a loooooooooong time till our meeting.
We finally got called up and then I was sooooooo quiet that my mum knew that something was Wrong with her daughter

She said to the Citizenship guy “we are going to leave and I am going to take my daughter to the hospital”

We went to the Adelaide Emergency Clinic and got an X-RAY.
We went to a patient's room and we waited for about 15 mins and I was in a pain but we got the news.
The doctor said “you have 2 broken wrists”
I was freaking out because that was the first time I broke ANYTHING.......................ANYTHING
My mum told me to calm down all these thoughts came through my head.
I called my dad and told him the news he thought I was lying...............................I told him that was the truth but he still would not BELIEVE me.

7 weeks later:
I was out of my cast and running around and playing with my friends I got to tell you to get the casts of it is not a walk in a park.
So if you ever break BOTH of your arms......good luck!