Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sadness by Karina

Why was Mum crying?  I asked her what was the matter.
"Grandpa's got cancer," she sobbed putting down the phone.
I was shocked.  I knew they had no cure.
"What's going to happen?" I asked, even though I already knew the answer.
"He's going to die," she said through sobs.
I tried to contain my tears.
"Please don't cry, please don't cry, please don't cry," I whispered over and over to myself.
But I couldn't hold it in any longer. So I hugged Mum and started crying my heart out with her.  I felt like I was going to hold on forever and not let go.  I hugged her tighter and I felt safer so I kept grasp of her while I could.  We looked at each other as if to say everything's going to be okay.

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