Saturday, July 28, 2012

'The Crash' by Anaiya

I was riding my cousins  bike so fast that I could hardly see anything that was going past.
When I turned on the corner I could see a lady and man right in front of me. From the  moment I saw them I knew I was going to crash and in about 5 seconds started to shout “look out, look out!’ Unfortunately a truck was going past at that very moment so they could not hear anything I had said. I realised I could still turn into a corner but I was going to fast to even turn or brake. I crashed into her at that moment. My brakes and my front wheel went straight into her backside. I flew into the air and landed on the concrete and grazed my leg quite badly. She shouted in soooo much pain and started to yell at  me and said stuff like “ look out where you're going, Keep your eyes on the road!”
She limped over to a random doorstep and I thought she had sprained her ankle by the way she kept rubbing it and she could not walk properly either.
I felt guilty because I hit her but I also felt annoyed that I tried to avoid it but I still hit her.

'My Writing Score' by Caitlin C

The principal said in his big, booming voice, “Caitlin!”. I feel my skin dripping with sweat, my knees wobbling uncontrollably as I slowly stand up. I gulp and lumber towards the stage. The hall is utterly silent, apart from a few whispery murmurs.  My stomach feels as if it will float away in happiness. I force my head to glance back at the school. I can’t help the rush of satisfaction flow through my body as I reach the stage.

“Congratulations!” says the principal, as he shakes my hand warmly. He hands over my certificate. This is it. I’m not going to let the dim light and musty smell of the hall ruin this. I’m about to snatch it but slow my hand down just in time. The blue paper on the front of the certificate feels stiff and textured. I finally have it.

I grin and turn around. Silence. One or two claps. A roar of applause!!

'My Scooter Injury' by Sharvi

I went down a big rocky hill and with lots of speed and suddenly BUMP! my scooter had gone over a big rocky bump and I tumbled of my scooter to the right, hurt my arm really bad. My arm bent and I felt lots of pain. I also scraped my knees and out came heaps of blood and it was a huge scrape!

Then I started crying and crying. My neibours  were with me wondering what to do and my sister was with me to and she  got so worried she went to go get my dad. When my dad came he said “What happened?” and so we all told my dad what happened. While we were all telling my dad what happened, I was saying in my head “What if I had broke or sprained my arm?” Then I got a bit scared. I was still crying and I cried non stop. I was in so much pain.

My dad was helping me up and so were my neibours and my sister. we went inside my house but as soon as we got to the doorstep, I had to sit down on the doorstep to rest because I was in so much pain.As soon as I got inside, my grandma and mum asked “What happened?” and since I was in so much pain, my neibours and my sister and dad told them what happened.

As soon as they heard what had happened, then we went into the living room and we put special cream on my knee and put something called balm on my arm. The next morning I was still in pain so we put balm on my arm and put a bandage around my arm.  It took days for me to recover but in a few weeks I was ship and shape.

I wish I never did that but I know I won’t do it again.
I still have a little bit of pain in my veins. P.S Don’t do this it’s worse than you think!

'Scooter' by Megan

I suddenly realised that my scooter was tipping forwards.
I thought to myself that I don’t have ANY  control over the scooter.
The wind was blowing through my hair I got a shiver then I was about to fall, but I was going to fast to stop,

BAM the next thing I knew was that I  was on the ground and crying.
My hands were facing the underway up and the top was facing the bottom. My arms and body was too weak to get my arms up I was having different emotions but the word I could choose would be AGONY.

My dad just picked me up and dusted me off and put me in his car (we were going to get our citizenship when I was hurt my mum told him that we weren't allowed to be late)

We were going to my mums work and my mum  saw my hands and she saw 1 brooze she put a bandage on my hand and I said “But, this one hurts to” she saw another brooze and she said “ we ARE  going to the hospital but we are first going to the citizenship”

We went there and then we sat for a loooooooooong time till our meeting.
We finally got called up and then I was sooooooo quiet that my mum knew that something was Wrong with her daughter

She said to the Citizenship guy “we are going to leave and I am going to take my daughter to the hospital”

We went to the Adelaide Emergency Clinic and got an X-RAY.
We went to a patient's room and we waited for about 15 mins and I was in a pain but we got the news.
The doctor said “you have 2 broken wrists”
I was freaking out because that was the first time I broke ANYTHING.......................ANYTHING
My mum told me to calm down all these thoughts came through my head.
I called my dad and told him the news he thought I was lying...............................I told him that was the truth but he still would not BELIEVE me.

7 weeks later:
I was out of my cast and running around and playing with my friends I got to tell you to get the casts of it is not a walk in a park.
So if you ever break BOTH of your arms......good luck!

'Name Calling' by Esra

It felt like I got stabbed in the heart . The same old people were calling me names. When they called me "ugly" I really wanted to hit him but I would of been told off I had to keep it in.
It was pain trying to keep it in every day calling me names I couldn't handle it.            
When lunch time started they began calling me names again I had enough of holding it in. I threw a punch in his stomach he grabbed his stomach and fell down I felt good even though  I got told off it was totally worth it because the next day he left me alon.e I didn't feel stabbed in the heart any more.

'Blame' by Kate

I knew that my mum and dad were angry. She called me and my brother to the upstairs hallway. She said ``which one of you threw the packet of toilet paper in the toilet cos you have wasted 7 rolls of toilet paper”.My big brother bailed out of it with a lie. I got told off and embarrassed in front of my best friend and I kept on saying``dad I didn’t do it” I was crying well I was saying it .Finally my brother gave in and said that he piled them one on top of the other.Then he got banned from his phone for a week. I got his phone for a week. He was grounded.

'Triathlon' by Rosa

I was so nervous...
I felt like I was going to throw up.
The gun went off.
I was in the pool like a shot... swimming my heart out .
At the last minute I slowed down a bit
but I held strong till the very end
I hopped out of the pool and went running for my bike.

Where is my bike?
I was not going to let this slow me down.
I ran up the aisle thinking where I could have put it.
Then it came to me... it was the last bike in the row.
I went zooming down and I found it.
I took my cap off, dried myself, put the top on
and did my shoes up and I was away.

I was on my bike
I went riding out of the venue and around to do my 3 laps
But halfway through my 2 lap I collided with another bike
I thought this is the end of my race.
but it was not.
Instead I got a HUGE graze on my leg
I got back on and took off like a rocket
I was on my way.

When I got back from doing my 3 laps I still had my running to do
so I had to remember where I had got my bike from
so I put my bike and helmet away and then I went running
with everyone else.
I was running out and then I had this terrible stitch that stung the whole way.
It stung so much I had to stop and breath because it hurt so much.

I came running to the home stretch
I felt amazing just doing it
I came flying past 3 other girls
and I came past the line in 23 place.

I was so pleased with myself
I could not wait to do it next year.

'The Broken Bike' by Grace

As I ride my new bike down the pathway,suddenly the front weel flew off. Nothing was going through my brain. It was silent for a moment, then bang the weel was bouncing and banging along the pathway,ouch the bike flipped backwards. I hit my head on the concrete.

I screem,cry and yell in terror. Ouch the bike was still on me i keep yelling so my parents can hear me the bike was hurting my stomach as the seat of the bike was painfull .A few secands later mum and dad ran out the garage in horror of the new bike that had fallen to pieces.

'When my Auntie Died' by Adam

I felt weirdly numb all over. I had just heard that my Aunt died. I didn't feel sad and then I got sadder and sadder  and sadder. I didn't like eating at the table. I felt so weird I thought I was going to faint so I quicley ran to the sofa and tryed to get my mind off it so I tried to wach tv but it didn't work. I kept on crying and I felt this was like the worst thing that happned to me.

'The Fall' by Ruby

My feet slipped off the pedals. I heard a siren, it just wouldn’t stop. I was trying, trying to reach the brakes but I couldn’t. My stomach felt like it was going to burst with butterflies until those butterflies turned into moths. The sweat dripped off my head to the sizzling hot concrete. Oh my god I can’t stop my bike that was the one thought that kept repeating over and over in my head. Wondering what was going to happen I looked over, my mom was standing in front of me. She stopped the bike. I heard the siren again and then figured it was me. SLAM I hit the ground I was moaning in pain. I watched as my cold tears drip from my face to the boiling ground. I hugged my mom as tight as I could. I went inside limping. At least its over I said.

'Time Out' by Emily

Zoe slapped me. I slapped her back. When I looked up mum was looking angry at me and put me in time out. I tried  to explain that Zoe had slapped me  but she did not listen.I felt annoyed and angry at her. I started crying.It was not fair? Why won't they listen to me? I want to get out of here. Finally I got out of time out and got to explain more and it all ended out happily.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Visit by Author Sharon Holt

It was a real treat to have author Sharon Holt spend today working with our students.  She talked to Harakeke hub students about her books and how she came to be an author of books for children. She also worked with 15 Harakeke students on a writing activity and they learned how to capture a strong emotional event in words. Many of them commented that they gained more confidence in their writing as well as learning new skills. Their writing will soon be published on the library blog.  Sharon also shared her picture book Did My Mother Do That? and her Te Reo Singalong books with Koru hub students. It was a great way to end Maori Language Week with the junior students singing and dancing along to Kei Te Peke Ahau.