Saturday, July 28, 2012

'My Scooter Injury' by Sharvi

I went down a big rocky hill and with lots of speed and suddenly BUMP! my scooter had gone over a big rocky bump and I tumbled of my scooter to the right, hurt my arm really bad. My arm bent and I felt lots of pain. I also scraped my knees and out came heaps of blood and it was a huge scrape!

Then I started crying and crying. My neibours  were with me wondering what to do and my sister was with me to and she  got so worried she went to go get my dad. When my dad came he said “What happened?” and so we all told my dad what happened. While we were all telling my dad what happened, I was saying in my head “What if I had broke or sprained my arm?” Then I got a bit scared. I was still crying and I cried non stop. I was in so much pain.

My dad was helping me up and so were my neibours and my sister. we went inside my house but as soon as we got to the doorstep, I had to sit down on the doorstep to rest because I was in so much pain.As soon as I got inside, my grandma and mum asked “What happened?” and since I was in so much pain, my neibours and my sister and dad told them what happened.

As soon as they heard what had happened, then we went into the living room and we put special cream on my knee and put something called balm on my arm. The next morning I was still in pain so we put balm on my arm and put a bandage around my arm.  It took days for me to recover but in a few weeks I was ship and shape.

I wish I never did that but I know I won’t do it again.
I still have a little bit of pain in my veins. P.S Don’t do this it’s worse than you think!

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  1. Great work Sharvi. I felt your pain, which is a sign that you did a good job of expressing the moment in your writing. I also liked the way you wrote about your internal fears. Keep writing and you will get even better. Sharon Holt.