Saturday, July 28, 2012

'When my Auntie Died' by Adam

I felt weirdly numb all over. I had just heard that my Aunt died. I didn't feel sad and then I got sadder and sadder  and sadder. I didn't like eating at the table. I felt so weird I thought I was going to faint so I quicley ran to the sofa and tryed to get my mind off it so I tried to wach tv but it didn't work. I kept on crying and I felt this was like the worst thing that happned to me.

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  1. Well done Adam. You really explored the feelings that occurred when you heard the sad news about the death of your Auntie. I'm sure anyone reading it will be able to relate to it, especially if they have also experienced a death in the family. You have recorded those moments after hearing the news so well. I'm really pleased with how you worked in the session too. Great stuff! Sharon Holt