Saturday, July 28, 2012

'Scooter' by Megan

I suddenly realised that my scooter was tipping forwards.
I thought to myself that I don’t have ANY  control over the scooter.
The wind was blowing through my hair I got a shiver then I was about to fall, but I was going to fast to stop,

BAM the next thing I knew was that I  was on the ground and crying.
My hands were facing the underway up and the top was facing the bottom. My arms and body was too weak to get my arms up I was having different emotions but the word I could choose would be AGONY.

My dad just picked me up and dusted me off and put me in his car (we were going to get our citizenship when I was hurt my mum told him that we weren't allowed to be late)

We were going to my mums work and my mum  saw my hands and she saw 1 brooze she put a bandage on my hand and I said “But, this one hurts to” she saw another brooze and she said “ we ARE  going to the hospital but we are first going to the citizenship”

We went there and then we sat for a loooooooooong time till our meeting.
We finally got called up and then I was sooooooo quiet that my mum knew that something was Wrong with her daughter

She said to the Citizenship guy “we are going to leave and I am going to take my daughter to the hospital”

We went to the Adelaide Emergency Clinic and got an X-RAY.
We went to a patient's room and we waited for about 15 mins and I was in a pain but we got the news.
The doctor said “you have 2 broken wrists”
I was freaking out because that was the first time I broke ANYTHING.......................ANYTHING
My mum told me to calm down all these thoughts came through my head.
I called my dad and told him the news he thought I was lying...............................I told him that was the truth but he still would not BELIEVE me.

7 weeks later:
I was out of my cast and running around and playing with my friends I got to tell you to get the casts of it is not a walk in a park.
So if you ever break BOTH of your arms......good luck!

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  1. Excellent work Megan. Sorry about the broken wrists though! They can't have been easy to manage. However, great way to turn an accident into a good piece of writing! I love the expressive way you have written this piece. I also love the contrast between your own agony and the determination of your parents to dust you off and make it to the citizenship ceremony on time. That's one day you'll never forget! Well written Megan. Keep up the great work. Sharon Holt.