Saturday, July 28, 2012

'The Crash' by Anaiya

I was riding my cousins  bike so fast that I could hardly see anything that was going past.
When I turned on the corner I could see a lady and man right in front of me. From the  moment I saw them I knew I was going to crash and in about 5 seconds started to shout “look out, look out!’ Unfortunately a truck was going past at that very moment so they could not hear anything I had said. I realised I could still turn into a corner but I was going to fast to even turn or brake. I crashed into her at that moment. My brakes and my front wheel went straight into her backside. I flew into the air and landed on the concrete and grazed my leg quite badly. She shouted in soooo much pain and started to yell at  me and said stuff like “ look out where you're going, Keep your eyes on the road!”
She limped over to a random doorstep and I thought she had sprained her ankle by the way she kept rubbing it and she could not walk properly either.
I felt guilty because I hit her but I also felt annoyed that I tried to avoid it but I still hit her.

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