Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet the Aliensons book review

MEET The Aliensons
By Knife and Parker

I love this book I highly recommend it. This book is about a family but no not a normal family they're aliens. This book is full of laughter and happiness. The Aliensons are gross , funny and a joy to read about. Normally I don’t really like reading but this book I couldn’t get my eyes out of. This book is about a family that come from valax-7. They have a one eyed zog. A member of the family is an amazing singer (not in this galaxy!) Arlene Alienson. Arlene has an annoying brother Andy. They have a  Butloid 8000 the weirdest robot in the history of weird robots. And the two parents Mrs Alienson  and Mr Aliensonare crazy. . 

I rate this book 5/5 because its a great book with funny illustrations and much more.

Reviewed by Ruby

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