Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Owly Flying Lessons book review

Title: Owly Flying Lessons
Author: Andy Runton

This is a book about a owl called Owly and his friend worm called Wormy.
Owly can’t fly and he wants lessons. One night Owly was sleeping outside and he brang some nuts and a squirrel came along and saw the nuts but it wasn’t the nuts he was after. The squirrel was after Wormy and he took Wormy into a bunch of leaf’s for a bed.

Owly met a butterfly and asked it to find his best friend Wormy and explained every single detail about him. The butterfly asked every bug but everyone said they could not find him.  How will Owly find his friend?

Owly is a great book with no words. Owly is advencheriset with his best friend Wormy.
I rate it 4/5

reviewed by Caitlyn W

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