Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Enchanted Wood book review

Title: The Enchanted Wood
Author : Enid Blyton .

The Enchanted Wood is a nice book about three children. They are all siblings the oldest is Joe then Beth and Frannie .

Joe, Beth and Frannie all moved out of their house in the city to a nice quaint place in the country, a wee way from the train station.

One day Joe, Beth and Frannie went to the ENCHANTED WOOD.
That very day in the woods they were eating their lunch then they heard tiny  little  voices behind a tree and when they peeked around the corner there were tiny little elfs. They also saw this little man that whose reaching for the bag next to an elf and as he was reaching Joe yelled “ STOP THIEF “ and the elfs ran for the man and tackled the little man and picked up the bag that was on the ground.

Two weeks after they saw the elfs they went back to the woods and went up the faraway tree and went to the top with their new friend Moon-Face, Sauce Man and Silky where they were waiting For Joe, Beth and Frannie for Beth’s birthday .

I love this book because it is fun and Adventurous.   

I Rate this book 5/5.

By Jasmine

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