Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Geronimo Stilton Book Review

Hi My name Is Megan and I am reviewing this book: Geronimo’s Valentine

I loved this book Because it has a lot of catchy parts!
My favourite part is when Geronimo’s Day starts to go BAD.

My Comment:
I really Strongly love this book because you have a bit of laughs and you get to the point of guessing what's going to happen next and you start to be quite Mysterious in the end and you start thinking to yourself but if this happened why did this happen?

My Opinions:
1: I love this book because It is suitable for young to old readers to me!
2: This book has a lot of cliffhangers so you really start to think!

I give It a rating out of 5
4/5 beca
use I think the beginning starts like usual to me but you may think different!

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