Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blog Launch

What's on at the library?  Visit this blog for up to date news, reviews, reports, and action from the Amesbury School Library.


  1. Wow! I love your library blog Amesbury. Keep posting those reviews! You are sooooo lucky to have Miss Knight as your librarian - I worked with her for a very long time at her old school and she really loves books! We used to discuss our favourite children's' books and decide which ones would go in our library up here in Te Awamutu. My favourite picture book at the moment is called "The story of the Little Mole who knew it was none of his Business" It's a funny book - more suited to boys - but anyone with a good sense of humour will enjoy it. From Miss Jones at Puahue School

  2. Thanks for following us in Tanzania at
    We love your library - it's beautiful! Nice Haka too - good job!